Faith Ott, President & Executive Consultant

As Founder, President and Executive Consultant for Sage Age Strategies, Faith has more than 30 years of experience in senior living growth strategy, campus master planning, market research and program/service development.

Melinda Schmitz, Executive Vice President & Senior Consultant

As Executive Vice President & Senior Consultant at Sage Age, Melinda works in close partnership with both our new and long-term clients to provide them with the strategic expertise and experience required to achieve sustained profitable growth.

Lucille M. DeFronzo, Senior Consultant

As a key member of our consulting team, Lucille is able to draw on her years of experience as a leader within the senior living industry. Her insider knowledge, coupled with her expertise in senior living sales, marketing, training and community relations, makes her an excellent resource for our client-partner communities seeking to achieve sustainable growth.

Louise Schott, Senior Consultant

Louise is one of Sage Age Strategies’ exceptionally talented Senior Consultants. With over 13 years of experience within the senior living provider industry, she is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the critical sales, marketing, community relations and management aspects of successfully operating senior living communities today.

Jennifer Lottis, Senior Living Marketing and Sales Consultant

Jennifer brings nearly a decade of executive level experience in the senior living and senior care industries to Sage Age Strategies as one of our consultants and sales and marketing growth strategists.

In this key role, Jennifer works directly with senior management and on-site sales and marketing teams to implement growth-based marketing, lead generation and sales strategies for our client-partner communities. Within that space, she excels at increasing the performance of sales teams to build stronger relationships with prospects that ultimately result in increased move-ins.

Lori Colhouer, Account Director

In her key role as Account Director, Lori works directly with our client-partners to develop lead generation programs designed to meet and exceed their sales and marketing goals.

Melany Kinsinger, Account Manager & Strategic Marketing Specialist

In her role as Account Manager & Strategic Marketing Specialist, Melany works closely with her clientpartners to help them increase occupancy, strengthen their value to customers and build their overall brand reputation. She accomplishes this by helping communities implement comprehensive business and marketing strategies that address the continuum of activities associated with census enhancement and market growth.

Taigen Thorne, Project Manager and Executive Assistant

Taigen is a Project Manager and Executive Assistant to the President at Sage Age Strategies. She prides herself on her meticulous attention to detail and a reputation for always putting her clients’ interests first. Taigen is energetic, positive and highly industrious, and her love for her work is readily apparent to all who know her.

Maggie Fullmer, MA, MS, Senior Marketing Manager & Communications Specialist

Maggie is a multi-talented professional who brings over 30 years of experience in the senior living and senior care professions to Sage Age Strategies. A bright, engaging individual, she has established an impressive record of measurable achievement during her career.

Maggie’s experience in senior living is extremely rich and diverse. Her leadership responsibilities have included several key management positions, including:

Sarah Naylor, Project Manager

In her role as Project Manager, Sarah works closely with our Senior Consultants to provide essential support to Sage Age client-partners in several key areas focused on their growth and expansion. She is highly skilled in several areas that are central to today’s marketing and sales success, such as digital marketing, branding, social media, web design, direct mail, customer service, strategic planning, data analysis, campaign management and client relationships.

William McClain, MBA, Director, Strategic Communications & New Media

As Director of Strategic Communications & New Media, Bill is involved in a variety of projects for both Sage Age and our client-partners designed to create awareness, sharpen customer-centered messaging and strengthen brand reputation and preference. He excels in creating cohesive and compelling messages that clearly highlight clients’ areas of differentiation and advantage to customers.

Malissa Illiano, MBA, Senior Consultant & Director of Market Research

Our Senior Consultant & Director of Market Research, Malissa, joined Sage Age in 2005 as a Research Analyst, bringing a high level of market research expertise to the organization. Since then, Malissa has helped to grow our Market Research Department, developing Sage Age into the highly respected leader in senior living market feasibility and demand analysis efforts that it has become today.

Erin Strine, Market Research Specialist & Account Coordinator

Erin is Sage Age Strategies’ Market Research Specialist & Account Coordinator. Her primary focus is on providing technical expertise and added support for our rapidly expanding market research business, which promotes evidence-based decision making and increases the probability of our clients’ success. In this role, her key functions include market demand analyses, competitive assessments, mystery shops, consumer research and satisfaction surveying.

Karole M. Criswell, Senior Vice President of Creative Services

As Senior Vice President of Creative Services, Karole is responsible for developing results-oriented communications materials for our client-partners. However, her responsibilities extend far beyond writing exceptional, highly compelling copy. From initial brainstorming sessions with our Account Managers and Creative Design Team – which can include everything from branding, positioning and creative plans to proofreading final layouts – Karole is closely involved with the planning and creative strategy for each project from start to finish.

Kim DiGangi, Senior Writer

Our Senior Writer, Kim, is an exceptional talent with the ability to fully capture the essence of the people and places about which she writes. An integral member of the Sage Age Strategies team, Kim is looked to for inspiration and input in the creative process for the development of many of our collateral pieces and advertising efforts. Her writing, combined with the award-winning creative efforts of our Creative Department, produces show-stopping, award-winning work.

Rachel Fox, Creative Director

“Consistently dynamic” is the ideal phrase to describe the work of Rachel Fox, our Creative Director, and her talented team of professionals. In supporting the creative needs of our client-partners, Rachel oversees the work of our multiple award-winning design group and our team of exceptional writers.

Dean Kistner, Creative Director

As Creative Director, Dean is a passionate, creative thinker and problem solver who is well known for his ability to work collaboratively with client-partners to achieve optimal business results. A highly experienced designer, art director and creative director, Dean brings expertise, artistry and enthusiasm to all of his projects. He is also blessed with considerable business savvy and understands the important relationship between creative design and relevant, evidence-based content in achieving compelling, breakthrough communications.

Nick Biddle, Senior Creative Designer & Web Specialist

Nick is a gifted creative talent who excels in graphic design and website enhancement in his position as Senior Creative Designer & Web Specialist. Throughout his career, he has built a reputation for developing vibrant, inspiring designs that touch the emotions and evoke positive responses from target customers.

Brittany Mase, Graphic Designer

As Graphic Designer and a member of our highly talented, award-winning creative team, Brittany is responsible for visualizing, designing and refining client projects such as ads, brochures, flyers, direct mail and corporate logos, as well as sending the final projects to production.

Rhianna Speck, Design Specialist

As Design Specialist in our Creative Department, Rhianna’s responsibilities focus on creating beautiful, attention-grabbing collateral materials and marketing pieces that artfully combine the elements of relevant imagery, optimal visual appeal, precise spacing and clean presentation to reflect the excellence of our clients and their communities. She also excels in the design and development of websites, utilizing HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver and a variety of digital website builder editors such as Squarespace and WordPress.

Elizabeth Kindt, Senior Living Communications Specialist

As one of our outstanding copywriters and marketing communicators, Elizabeth literally brings a world of talent to her role as Senior Living Communications Specialist. In creating beautiful works of “word art” for newsletters, blogs, marketing collaterals, websites and advertisements, she draws on an exciting professional career that has taken her around the country and around the world.

Bridget Bellmore Carmeci, Copywriter

Bridget is responsible for creating compelling copy for a wide variety of client projects including brochures, advertisements, websites, flyers, press releases, blogs and newsletters. She assists our Quality Assurance Department with proofreading as well.

Justin Lutz, Quality Assurance Specialist

As a key member of our Quality Assurance (QA) team, Justin is responsible for guaranteeing the accuracy and correctness of all written materials Sage Age produces for our clients. In doing so, Justin enables us to maintain the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in our communications activities.

Diana Buss, Copywriter & Quality Assurance Specialist

As one of our exceptionally talented writers, Diana works closely with our client-partners to create highly informative blog articles on a variety of pertinent senior living topics for prospective residents and their families. With training in both creative and digital writing techniques, Diana produces compelling articles that motivate readers while also optimizing the search engine rankings for our client communities.

Adrienne Mansfield, Director of Client Services, Traditional & Online Media

As Sage Age’s Director of Client Services, Traditional & Online Media, Adrienne directs all aspects of client services at Sage Age. Adrienne’s exceptional interpersonal skills have enabled her to establish strong working relationships with clients across the country to ensure excellent outcomes.

Diana Moore, Vice President of Production Services & Senior Project Manager

As Vice President of Production Services & Senior Project Manager, Diana’s experience, expertise and unwavering attention to detail deliver exceptional value and results for our client-partners.

With over 20 years in the graphics industry, as both designer and production specialist, she brings a unique perspective, understanding and knowledge to her role. With her broad range of experience, she is able to deftly negotiate print costs, manage turnaround times and select the most appropriate printer for each project.

Eileen Davenport, Accounting

In her important accounting role, Eileen keeps the Sage Age billing and financial systems running smoothly, accurately and always on time and up to date. As Eileen says about herself, “In general, I’m an obsessive bean counter.”

Shannon Browne, MS, Web Developer

As Web Developer for Sage Age Strategies, Shannon is responsible for the front-end development of our clients’ websites. In this role, she works closely with our creative design team, copywriters, digital marketing and social media experts to create award-winning websites that inspire, inform and motivate action to achieve our client-partners’ growth goals.

Sean Ochester, Executive Vice President of Digital & Integrated Strategy

Sean Ochester is an influential, decisive, and insightful business leader who fuses technology expertise with strong business acumen to build highly productive operations and technical solutions while driving continuous innovation and profitable growth.

Angela Barletta, Social Media Manager

In her role with Sage Age, Angela focuses on daily social media updates to keep our client-partners’ content fresh, informative and compelling. In her position, Angela also assists in the development and revitalization of our client-partners’ websites.

Natalie Reed, Digital Resource Manager

A top priority of Sage Age Strategies is to be the premier digital marketing provider in the entire senior living industry. In her role as Digital Resource Manager, Natalie is another central figure in our many initiatives to achieve that status. 

Working closely with our client-partner communities, Natalie is responsible for:

Michael Schwartz, Network Administrator

As our Network Administrator, Mike supports the Sage Age team and our clients in several important ways, including troubleshooting network problems and resolving issues with software, hardware and e-mail. He also assists with any projects that can benefit from his broad technical skill set.

Mike began building his knowledge base in the digital sciences in his early teenage years. As he says, “I have been fascinated with technology for as long as I can remember. I built my first computer from a kit when I was 15 years old.”

John Vitale, Media Specialist

As Media Specialist in our Public Relations & Media department, John is a results-driven individual whose expertise is expressed in maximizing the return on our client-partners’s media expenditures through research, precise targeting and optimized scheduling.