Grow Your Occupancy, Your Community and Yourself

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Success, as we all know, is something that must be cultivated year after year. Think of a pro baseball scout searching for the best new recruits for his team. After he identifies a worthy recruit, he develops and nurtures the relationship until, finally, the new star player signs with the team. Success! But the scout can’t sit back and rest on his laurels ... he’s got to be back on the move, scouting for the next potential signee. 

In a senior living community like yours, reaching your occupancy goal is a similar situation. Yes, it’s great to finally reach it, but you know that you’ll need to be continuously courting new residents – while caring for current residents – in order to retain your success. 

“At Sage Age, we believe success means constantly becoming and striving for better,” says Jason McCloud, Executive Director of Integrated Marketing and Communications for Sage Age Strategies. “That’s the philosophy behind GROW, our new sales training program. It’s designed to help senior living providers across the service spectrum reinvent their approaches and strategies by changing the only thing we have total control over: ourselves.”

GROWing the Roots for Success

If success is a continuum, growth is what propels us along the path. Growth means evolving, developing, maturing and refining our tactics to increase occupancy rates. But GROW isn’t about teaching concepts or specific skills. It doesn’t use cutting-edge tactics or try to “change” our prospective residents to fit our community. Instead, it’s focused internally: how to connect. How to make it personal. How to be in the moment. 

Unlike other sales training programs, GROW connects the dots between sales philosophy and pragmatic skills. We believe that great sales training doesn’t come from using scripts; instead, experience, practice and connection are the only ways to become great. 

Growing strong relationships isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time, hard work and understanding. It takes knowing each potential resident and family member as individuals, with unique stories, needs and expectations. Though there are patterns and themes, no two are the same. Relying on one static conversation or sales script would be wasting the opportunity to form an authentic connection and provide a real solution.

A Customized Approach to GROWth and Change

The GROW training experience is designed to empower your sales team to GROW the keys to success: product knowledge, emotional intelligence and drive. We’ve talked about the importance of emotional intelligence before (it’s the keystone of our Road to Ready program), and that concept is explored even further in the GROW experience. 

Though GROW materials and tools are turnkey and ready for use, GROW training is tailored to each community, each sales team and each salesperson. Each training experience begins with deep discovery of your team’s goals, strengths, challenges and experiences. This way, every training is guaranteed to:

–   Leverage the organization’s strengths

–   Cultivate emotional IQ with roleplays, but without scripting

–   Create a journey-driven approach and growth mindset

–   Prime team members for ongoing coaching opportunities

–   Incorporate effective use of sales and marketing tools to advance prospects

–   Generate excitement and empowerment around KPIs and goal achievement

The GROW program ranges from two-day on-site training to a virtual sales classroom and training, which makes it convenient to receive training from the comfort and convenience of your own office – anywhere in the world.

GROWing Together at the June Sales Summit

In order to kick off the GROW program and help communities learn more about how this innovative approach can help drive success in their sales programs, Sage Age Strategies is hosting a Sales Summit on June 19th and 20th, 2019. Participants will join the Sage Age team in Pensacola, FL, for a dynamic sales training experience that will help you grow the keys to success. 

“Just like building relationships, a good sales training experience doesn’t happen in a bubble,” says Jason. “By bringing stakeholders, partners and leaders together, we create a team environment where we can learn from each other, not just a presenter standing on a stage. It’s a chance to interface with different providers’ ideologies and philosophies to create a seismic shift in the way our industry is run – and, ultimately, provide an even better experience for residents and their families.”

Continuing to GROW Strong

Alongside our sales training, Sage Age Strategies helps senior living communities through integrated marketing, consulting, lead generation solutions and more. Using industry best practices, innovative techniques and a drive to be a partner, not a servicer, we are here to help your communities thrive and GROW for today, tomorrow and beyond. 

If you need assistance in any areas of senior living development and integrated growth strategy to improve your business results, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about our proven strategies that have transformed other senior living communities like yours. 

For more information and to sign up for the Summit, click here

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