The "Don'ts" of Social Marketing: Pitfalls Your Community Should Avoid

Today, social media is a powerful and fast-growing medium, which offers innovative new ways for businesses to communicate and interact with their customers and prospective customers. Because of social media's ability to exchange information instantaneously and virally, it is being called by many marketers "the new word of mouth" — long held as the most powerful and influential form of marketing.

What Caregivers Know that Senior Living Providers Can Learn From

Adult children who are responsible for the health and well-being of an aging parent may frequently question their feelings. The number and sheer complexity of the decisions one faces when taking care of an elderly relative can be overwhelming. Where should my mother live? What's the best kind of treatment for my husband with Alzheimer's disease? How do I know when my parent can no longer care for themselves?

Why it Pays to Blog!

It's now an accepted fact that having a website presence for your business is standard operating procedure in the e-world of the 21st century. But why are some businesses more successful than others in attracting visits to their website, engaging potential customers and building relationships that turn into sales?

Painting by the Numbers: Using Data to Create Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing and Strategy street sign

In healthcare, there is "evidence-based medicine" or EVB; a series of protocols or "care pathways" based on the results of research that increase the probability of successful medical outcomes. Likewise, in modern marketing, there is evidence-based strategy—the development of the business growth and creative strategy based on the evidence of research into the needs, problems, and preferences of the marketplace. As in the case of healthcare, evidence-based marketing is designed to increase the probability of successful results.

Is Your Senior Living Community Referral Worthy?

Senior Living Community Referral

In his article, Are You Referable?, author Steve Woodruff, a 26-year veteran of business development in the healthcare sector, discusses the key determinants of any senior living community’s “referability quotient”. These are the factors that truly matter to residents, their family members and prospective customers.


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