Market Research Series: The Data You Need – In-Market or Desktop Study?

Market Research Series: Market Research – More Than Demand

Market Research Series: Part I

It’s no secret that the team here at Sage Age Strategies places a significant amount of value on the insight and knowledge you can gain from good market research strategies. The communities that work with us to do in-depth market research inevitably discover why, but there is still a large faction of communities – and businesses in general – that don’t seem to grasp or appreciate why market research is not only great for your business, but a critical piece of your success in an increasingly competitive market. 

Smart Market Research for Strategic Expansion

For most successful businesses, market research is a cornerstone of their business strategy. It influences and informs everything from marketing strategy and advertising budgets to sales efforts and service decisions. In a world where too many businesses rely on bureaucratic hierarchy, “gut” feelings, hunches and egos to make critical business decisions, market research stands apart as a data-driven, objective, factual bedrock on which to base your organization’s plan of action.

Creating Senior-Centric Design: Color, Contrast & Sizing

Business Intelligence (BI) and Why it Matters for Your Community

Everyone working in a for-profit industry likes to think that they are making choices and decisions that will be good for their business. Running something as nuanced and personal as a senior living community may require similarly nuanced decision making, but at the end of the day the bottom line is to continue serving our customers. We have to make smart business and financial decisions.


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