Why Use Social Media?

Everywhere you go, you’re asked to “like” a company on Facebook, “follow” them on Twitter…while it may have seemed to be just a phase, suffice it to say, social media is here to stay with millions checking in every day to find out what’s new with friends, products, their favorite celebrities, the news and more.

Build it and They Will Come…A Concept No Longer Relevant to Today’s Customer

The famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams” became a philosophy, which was applied to many things, and especially to advertising and marketing efforts. From the very beginning of the advertising and marketing industry, messages were presented to customers telling them they had to have product X, Y and Z. After all, if advertisers didn’t tell customers about new products and present them as these shiny, new and improved items, how would they learn about them?

Don’t Forget to Play Your Video Games

With some of the latest technology to hit the market today, children, adults and yes, even seniors, are now being exposed to not only the entertainment value, but the health benefits of playing video games. Once upon a time our families elder members were left with few options for beneficial entertainment aside from a standard crossword or jigsaw puzzle. Now, the whole family can enjoy the many physical and social benefits associated with using video games.

What’s the Big Deal About Facebook?

Facebook is the social networking site on the web. A Facebook page allows you to create a presence for your senior living community that looks and behaves just like the social user profiles. This page lets you connect and engage with your referral sources, residents, families and staff, as well as any potential residents. Facebook is easy to use. And best of all? It’s free!

Sage Age Mature Strategies Receives LTC LINK Elite Supplier Award

Sage Age Mature Strategies is proud to announce that it has earned an ‘Elite Supplier’ distinction for the 8th Annual LTC LINK Meetings. This award is given to the suppliers that participated in LINK 2011 and ranked in the top 25 percent of suppliers based on provider scores for their ability to be consultativeinnovative, and address providers’ specific needs.


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