Is Your Senior Living Community Referral Worthy?

Senior Living Community Referral

In his article, Are You Referable?, author Steve Woodruff, a 26-year veteran of business development in the healthcare sector, discusses the key determinants of any senior living community’s “referability quotient”. These are the factors that truly matter to residents, their family members and prospective customers.

Senior living "Boomer Style": Baby Boomers Prepare to Reshape Another Industry

Today, Baby Boomers, the post-WWII generation of children born between 1946 and 1964, are playing an increasingly influential role in the senior living decisions of their aging parents. “Boomer” women, in particular, are playing a highly proactive role in helping to research options and shape their parents’ thinking on retirement living.

When is it Time to Take Away the Keys: Providing Help for Concerned Families.

When a physician tells a patient it's time to hang up the keys to the car, there's an "immediate, substantial and sustained" reduction in that patient's likelihood of being in a motor vehicle accident that requires a trip to the emergency department, a new study found.

When Your Image Needs Some Help: How to Choose the Right Partner to Boost Your Brand

Senior living organizations occasionally find themselves in a situation where they need to revamp, revitalize, or completely redefine their brands. The reasons may include sluggish referrals and sales, a challenging new competitor in the market, or even an unexpected crisis. Due to the overarching importance of the brand to the organization’s success, this need often requires the experience and expertise of an independent senior living marketing consultant.

Maximizing Your Brand: Aligning Brand Performance with Brand Promise

When asked, leaders in the senior living industry can easily state their organizational "brand" statements and value propositions, i.e. the things that set them apart in the marketplace and position them as "preferred providers" in their respective niche markets. But sometimes what we think and say about our business does not align with what our customers and other key decision makers experience, perceive and discuss. When a disconnect occurs between the organization’s promise (those wonderful things we say about ourselves in ads, brochures and social media) and the organization’s performance (what customers actually experience with the brand), business results can suffer in the form of underachieving sales, referrals and market share.


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