Dynamic Email Marketing for Better Customer Experience

The Importance of Audience: Effective Daypart Targeting

Effective Dayparting

In years past, advertising or, at least, choosing where to advertise was a pretty simple task because there were only so many mediums to work with. They are what we refer to today as “traditional” advertising avenues and are largely print-based. From magazines to posters, pamphlets to newspapers and even billboards, these mediums were pretty straightforward – at least when compared to the options businesses have today!

Creating a Seamless Brand Experience, Online and Offline

With all the buzz around online, digital marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of more traditional – but still very viable – offline marketing avenues. Some large organizations have entire departments separately devoted to running independent campaigns and programs that, to a consumer, bear no resemblance to one another.

The Price Is Right: Competitive Pricing Strategies

In the senior living world, “sticker shock” can be a pretty profound reality for many families unaccustomed to what the average costs of living in a senior living community may be. The costs go far beyond your basic “rent” for most communities, but sometimes that’s all families expect to see when they sit down to discuss fees. As professionals in the senior living world, we’re exposed to – and understand – the realities of pricing structures, but many families are not, and it can often come as a bit of an unpleasant surprise.


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