At Sage Age Strategies, we are brand development and positioning experts. We know that your brand equity in the market is largely determined by your customer’s experiences with you and their resulting perceptions of your community. We also understand that "Word of the Mouth" is still the most powerful form of advertising — especially today in our viral e-society. Good news travels fast, but bad news now travels instantaneously. With this in mind, we help you make sure your brand is a positive, winning one.

Working as a marketing resource and partnering with your administrative team, we will create a consistent, value-based brand that has the look, feel, tone and uniqueness that resonates most effectively with your customers and makes you stand out in the market. At Sage Age Strategies, we create brands that are highly visible, responsive and successful.

Ultimately, the strength of your brand is at the very core of your organization’s success, growth potential and long-term sustainability. Our senior living marketing experts help client partners develop a strong brand and unique position in the marketplace and also ensure that your messaging is consistently in line with your desired brand image. Beyond effective brand messaging and communications, we assist in building a strong brand platform from the inside-out. Our strategic branding services include:

  • Logo and positioning/tagline creation
  • Identification of market differentiators
  • Key messaging strategies for consistently powerful content

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Effective, award-winning video productions are another important service we provide to our client partners. At Sage Age Strategies, we create high quality videos that are compelling and inspiring, and adhere to the highest production standards and values.

We combine the latest in the art and science of the medium with an insider's insight into the unique needs and concerns of your customers. This ensures end results that are pleasing to the eye and ear and, most importantly, are always "on message" to resonate effectively with your target audiences.

We invite you to view the sample video productions, which have been important elements in our success strategies for client partners.

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