Market Research

Market Feasibility & Demand Analysis

Understanding the true potential of your targeted markets is crucial to making the correct business decisions and allocating the precious resources required to optimize that potential. Our market feasibility and demand analysis services provide you with an accurate picture of the potential of the market and enables you to make data-based decisions on the value of an opportunity and the projected return on your investment.

Our experienced staff takes the guesswork out of high stakes market investment decisions and provides you with the actionable information you need for planning purposes. We provide market feasibility and demand analysis for new startups, additions to existing campus offerings and more.

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Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping services can provide senior living communities with valuable, objective evaluations of the services offered by competitors and/or those provided by your own staff. We produce insights into critical components of your sales and marketing program, such as customer service reception, sales discovery techniques, tour and brand presentation and the provision of collateral materials, database management and follow-up activities.

Our professionals report on each aspect of their experience, including initial telephone interaction, the interpersonal skills of staff, the accuracy of information they provide and physical surroundings, as well as those intangible factors that affect your ability to attract new residents and retain the residents you have. 

We provide both on-site and telephone mystery shopping services to help you:

  • Utilize an in-depth narrative, based on actual verbatim comments that provide valuable human feedback, in addition to the quantitative data
  • Identify marketing, sales and service opportunities for improvement (OFIs)
  • Optimize each resident’s experience
  • Demonstrate to potential residents, current residents and their loved ones that you're truly interested in their complete satisfaction
  • Reward employees who perform with excellence, aiding staff retention
  • Identify employees who require coaching or retraining
  • Evaluate your competition, so you have an edge in the marketplace

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a vital element in the environmental assessment process used by leading organizations to update and sharpen their business plans. It identifies not only what is happening in your market, but also your competitive position in the market. Very importantly, it also helps to identify opportunities for advantage and growth. 

Competitive analysis involves more than simply identifying your competitors and gathering data. It is a formal, dynamic process that assesses competitors' capabilities, strategies, activities and behaviors to support and improve decision making. Whether you are a single community or campus, our CI services provide you with essential information for strategic planning, marketing, pricing, advertising, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and research and development.

An in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, as well as your own organization, is an essential ingredient for optimizing your own brand equity and performance in the marketplace. As a key element in the strategic planning and business development process, our competitive analysis and mystery shopping services provide you with the market intelligence you need to mitigate competitive threats, institute counter-measures, identify opportunities to use competitor shortcomings to your advantage, strengthen your own business processes and meet unfulfilled needs in the marketplace. Our experienced staff does this work on a routine basis and is very adept at uncovering valuable information that becomes an essential part of your organizational planning and business strategy.

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Marketing Sales Assessment

Senior living organizations sometimes have marketing and sales operations in place, but question whether they are organized, staffed and managed for maximum results. As experts in mature market growth strategies, Sage Age conducts formal independent and objective analyses for client partners to determine if their sales and marketing functions, in their present configuration, are fully meeting the organization’s needs.

We often find it takes an outside, independent team to identify the cause of problems within a marketing and sales program. By working directly with your internal staff, our team will observe and evaluate operating methods and relevant factors such as facility appeal and environment, resident amenities and services. Whether you are a single facility or a multi-site organization, our audit process will help identify the internal factors that impact the achievement and growth of your occupancy levels.

The assessment addresses a variety of factors: staff time, task allocation, sales and marketing functions and programs, customer service, lead management and data analysis, competitive issues, admissions, discharges, market share, brand identity, marketing communication and community awareness/perception. Armed with the audit data, we will help you create a more structured, consistent and organized marketing and sales process and an approach to sales or admissions that effectively aligns with your business priorities and growth goals.

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