Planning & Placement

By taking a customized approach to each client partner’s media plan, we are able to understand most effectively your customers’ media preferences and habits. Our extensive experience has shown that the most efficient strategies do not always use conventional broad brush approaches. With the myriad of media choices available today, niche sites with loyal followings are often the most effective in engaging your prospective customers while minimizing your media costs.

In addition to a full range of media planning services, we also excel in media buying and placement. As experienced negotiators with considerable leverage, we pursue the most aggressive pricing available in the market. We also ensure that your advertising and marketing materials will be placed effectively with zero errors or defects.

Our expert creative, media and planning specialists provide you with ongoing strategic guidance and counsel to help you build a strong brand message, increase awareness, enhance your reputation and meet your occupancy and revenue objectives.

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 Public Relations

A basic staple of any comprehensive marketing strategy, our public relations services help to put a human face on your organization by engaging your customers and the media on a more personal level. Sage Age Strategies has over 25 years’ experience and award-winning expertise in helping clients “connect” with senior adults and their adult children through customized newsletters, press releases, special events, topical presentations and programming to bring you and your target audience closer together – and all designed to increase the level of familiarity and comfort with your facilities, your people, your services and your philosophy.

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 Event Planning

Special events are an important way of engaging key customers for the purpose of sales and marketing, education, community relations, fundraising and other important activities. Done well, they can provide added luster to your brand by increasing public awareness, engendering positive feelings and generating favorable word of mouth. Sage Age Strategies understands the value and importance of public events to your community. 

Whether you are interested in public events, seminars, grand opening or groundbreaking celebrations, Sage Age provide the experience and strong organizational skills required to ensure that the myriad event planning details are handled meticulously and expertly to ensure a successful event outcome. Our services include idea generation, theme creation, program and agenda development, planning, budgeting, invitations and rsvp management, marketing and publicity, speech and script writing, gifts and promotional giveaways and on-site logistical support. We have been doing exceptional event planning for over 25 years and welcome the opportunity to ensure your next event is everything you want it to be.

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