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Digital Marketing Has Totally Changed Strategy. Have You Updated Yours?

Digital (online) marketing is evolving and growing in importance every day. It has become a major force in business-to-consumer strategy and is now outpacing more traditional marketing approaches in performance and results.

Experts say that for those of us who operate in the senior living and senior care world, we have a simple choice – keep up with progress or fall behind.

5 Proven Blogging Tips to Grow Your Site’s Traffic

With today’s ever-growing digital marketing technologies and social media applications, there are now a variety of proven ways to grow your organic search results, interest in your community and quality leads for your sales funnel. 

Blogging is one of them – and clearly one of the best.

The Power of Effective Blogs

Successful software entrepreneur and web influencer, Neil Patel, offers these words of wisdom on the exceptional power and value of blogging.

Get Engaged: Why Social Media Is Essential for Growing Your Community

Today, if you are not fully engaged in social media, you are very likely missing the boat – a boat full of prospects who are seeking senior living options with which they can feel engaged and connected.

More specifically, you are missing an ideal opportunity to create more personalized relationships with prospects, current residents, their families and referral sources that have proven to result in higher lead conversion rates, sales and move-ins.

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