When Is It Time to Rebrand?

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Hands up: how many of you out there are still wearing disco leisure suits? 

While you may still have one of those bad boys hanging up in a closet somewhere (hey – it’s a great Halloween costume), we doubt that any of you are Saturday Night Fever-ing it on a regular basis. That’s because you know that what was once fashionable and cutting-edge is now dated, passé and even laughable. 

And what’s true for personal fashion is true for company brands as well. 

“That’s Not What Your Girlfriend Says!” What Betty White and Snickers Teach Us About the Value of Brand Positioning Strategy

It’s that time of year again – Super Bowl weekend! We’re guessing that, like millions of Americans, you trotted out your favorite tailgate recipes, watched hours of breathless coverage and enjoyed seeing the advertising standouts during commercial breaks.

Staying Fresh: When Did You Last Review Your Brand?

As a group, consumers are a pretty fickle population. That includes you and me, too! Just take a look at your own habits for evidence. What excites, thrills or intrigues you about a particular brand and their product or service could easily change tomorrow. The brands you liked last week, last year or ten years ago are probably not the same as the brands you rely on and enjoy today.

SEO Benefits of One Site vs. Multiple Sites

Developing an SEO strategy that optimizes both your brand and community locations in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is paramount to your company’s digital marketing success. Whether your company operates three communities or 50+ communities, it’s important that you implement an SEO strategy that allows you to maximize your visibility and rankings in the SERP.

How Memory Care Training Boosts Your Quality and Powers Your Brand

  • Do your caregivers know what stimuli can trigger difficult behaviors and can they respond appropriately?
  • Can they interpret what a resident needs when the resident cannot communicate well?
  • Do they know how to talk to residents at different stages of their disease?
  • Do your caregivers understand why your residents might act differently at different times of the day?
  • Can they anticipate crisis situations and take steps to prevent them?

When Your Image Needs Some Help: How to Choose the Right Partner to Boost Your Brand

Senior living organizations occasionally find themselves in a situation where they need to revamp, revitalize, or completely redefine their brands. The reasons may include sluggish referrals and sales, a challenging new competitor in the market, or even an unexpected crisis. Due to the overarching importance of the brand to the organization’s success, this need often requires the experience and expertise of an independent senior living marketing consultant.

Maximizing Your Brand: Aligning Brand Performance with Brand Promise

When asked, leaders in the senior living industry can easily state their organizational "brand" statements and value propositions, i.e. the things that set them apart in the marketplace and position them as "preferred providers" in their respective niche markets. But sometimes what we think and say about our business does not align with what our customers and other key decision makers experience, perceive and discuss. When a disconnect occurs between the organization’s promise (those wonderful things we say about ourselves in ads, brochures and social media) and the organization’s performance (what customers actually experience with the brand), business results can suffer in the form of underachieving sales, referrals and market share.

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