How Storytelling is Boosting Engagement and Sales in Senior Living Today

Why Do People Spend So Much Time on Special Events?

They Bring in Cash.

Do you know the real cost of raising money from special events? On average it’s fifty cents on the dollar – and some organizations don’t count staff time in that cost. They should! What does it cost to raise a major gift when counting all the staff hours? Usually fewer than 25 cents on the dollar and hopefully fewer than 10 cents. And bequest and planned gifts usually cost fewer than five cents.

Would You Like to Receive $50,000 a Year for Capital Improvements or Your Endowment without Doing Anything?

That’s what it feels like when you receive notices of bequests. It is realistic for almost any provider to set a goal of 10 $5,000 gifts a year within three to five years of starting a simple wills and bequest program. We serve the perfect demographic for realized gifts so the statistics of needing 10 years to actually see results of a program does not apply.

Are your residents/clients remembering your organization in their wills?

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