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Picturing the Elephant: Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Approach

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There’s an old parable that tells the story of a group of blind men who wanted to know what an elephant looked like. Each man reaches out to touch the elephant and explains to the others what they experience. One takes hold of the trunk and exclaims that it’s “like a snake.” Another touches the leg and says the elephant is “like a tree.” Another says an elephant is like a wall because of its side, while yet another says it is like a rope because of its tail, and so on.

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Integrated Marketing Series: What Is Integrated Marketing? (Part 1 of 3)

If you are like most senior living communities today, you have a website presence that serves as a first point of contact for prospects seeking information about your community. You probably also engage in a variety of advertising, public relations, sales and special promotional initiatives.

Growth-centered senior living communities have now found that using a combination of traditional and digital (online) media channels can create a more productive platform for engaging potential customers and achieving better business results.

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Incorporating Direct Mail into Your Integrated Marketing Strategy

In today’s marketing world, the opportunities and avenues for reaching your audience are vast, sometimes complicated, and often overwhelming. The growth and influence of digital marketing has especially contributed to this; every time you turn around, there’s a new way to reach your audience, whether it be through social media, new types of digital ads, blogging and content marketing, through brand influencers, with video – the list goes on!

SMASH 2014: Seven Key Digital Marketing Takeaways That Can Fuel Your Community’s Growth

Digital Marketing Solutions

As a Premier Sponsor of the recent SMASH 2014 Conference, we at Sage Age Strategies hope you found the inaugural event to be highly stimulating, beneficial and thought provoking. Our President and Executive Consultant, Faith Ott, was a member of the SMASH Advisory Board that was instrumental in shaping the conference program and scheduling many market and sales leaders from other competitive industries as featured speakers. We hope you agree that the knowledge shared was both transferable and pertinent to your own growth challenges in our increasingly competitive and diverse senior living and lifestyle continuum.

With this knowledge in mind, are you doing the following in 2015?

  • Does your blog provide ANSWERS to questions your prospects may have about your community?
  • Does your website or blog have the ability to share pages and/or content with others?
  • Are you concerned about online reviews? Do your reviews accurately reflect your organization?
  • Is your blog content integrated on relevant pages throughout your website?
  • Do you use email marketing to maintain constant contact with your leads base?
  • Do you have an email sign-up on your site? And if so, does it have the appropriate information to entice prospects to complete it?
  • Are your online listings consistent across the board?

Integrated Marketing Series: How Managing Your Sales Funnel Efficiently Will Improve Your Results (Part 6 of 6)

The sales funnel provides us with a useful visual representation of how the sales process operates. It depicts the steps by which prospective buyers are identified and then vetted, with the qualified prospects separated out from those with less sales potential. The higher potential prospects are then engaged by the organization in a variety of ways designed to make the sale and convert leads to residents.


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