How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy for Optimal Lead Nurturing

Challenging “Drive By” as a Lead Source: Why Accurate Source Data is Vital to Your Lead Generation

One of the most important yet underappreciated elements of the senior living sales process is the identification of the original source of a lead. Did the prospect’s interest in your community originate from an ad in the local newspaper, a digital marketing campaign, an organic web search or a public seminar on a current senior living topic?

Knowledge is power and lead source information is crucial in optimizing the performance of both your integrated marketing strategy and your media budget allocation plan as measured in ROI.

The Tour Test: Polishing Your Community's First Impression

First Impressions

If you’ve been involved in the senior living industry for awhile, you know that expectations for what a community provides have changed. Years ago, the conversation revolved primarily around meeting the physical and medical needs of residents. That’s still obviously very important! Ensuring the safety and care of your residents is, of course your top priority, as it is every community leader’s priority.

Defining Your Lead’s Unique Buying Journey

Your prospective customer has a need. You have a product or service that meets their need. They hand over a check to purchase your services. Their need is met.

That’s the A-to-Z progression of a lead’s buying journey. The thing is … there’s a whole heck of a lot that goes on between point A and point Z! And, if we’re being honest, there’s quite a bit that goes on before your prospective customer even gets to Point A, too. Why does that matter?

Leads Database Analysis: Are Your Leads Generating Sales or Wasting Your Time?

Is Your Website Working for You? 5 Tips to Increase Website Conversion Rates

These days, every senior living provider, from assisted living residences to continuing care retirement communities, and everyone in between, has a website.  But just having a website, regardless of how attractive it is, is not enough. Your website has to work for you.

What do I mean by “work?” Your website should be designed for conversion. So  whether the visitors find  you on the web through an organic search, or are directed there by pay-per-click ads or other paid marketing strategies, your priority should be to convert them from mere website visitors to customers. 

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