Memory Care

Sage Spotlight: “The Longest Day” and Abe's Garden's Role in Advancing Memory Care Innovation

Market Research for Better Planning: A Case Study with Clarity Pointe

Market Research

The idea that a single initiative could give you and your team answers about everything from proper pricing models and expected vacancy rates to the ROI of a community renovation may seem like fantasy, but thanks to the world of in-depth data, it’s 100 percent a reality. That data is what comes from smart market research, and it can provide in-depth insight into a whole slew of questions you may have about your community, your market and your audience.

How Memory Care Training Boosts Your Quality and Powers Your Brand

  • Do your caregivers know what stimuli can trigger difficult behaviors and can they respond appropriately?
  • Can they interpret what a resident needs when the resident cannot communicate well?
  • Do they know how to talk to residents at different stages of their disease?
  • Do your caregivers understand why your residents might act differently at different times of the day?
  • Can they anticipate crisis situations and take steps to prevent them?
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