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Tying Digital Touch Points into Your 2017 Marketing Plan

There’s a reason why many organizations and businesses rely on marketing plans that lean heavily on more “traditional” tactics, such as print, radio, television and word of mouth, to generate results. These methods, while traditional, are still very effective! Today’s seniors may be more tech savvy than any seniors before them, but they are still some of the top consumers of traditional media, and move into new technologies slower than other demographics.

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Is Your Website Working for You? 5 Tips to Increase Website Conversion Rates

These days, every senior living provider, from assisted living residences to continuing care retirement communities, and everyone in between, has a website.  But just having a website, regardless of how attractive it is, is not enough. Your website has to work for you.

What do I mean by “work?” Your website should be designed for conversion. So  whether the visitors find  you on the web through an organic search, or are directed there by pay-per-click ads or other paid marketing strategies, your priority should be to convert them from mere website visitors to customers. 

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