Challenging “Drive By” as a Lead Source: Why Accurate Source Data is Vital to Your Lead Generation

One of the most important yet underappreciated elements of the senior living sales process is the identification of the original source of a lead. Did the prospect’s interest in your community originate from an ad in the local newspaper, a digital marketing campaign, an organic web search or a public seminar on a current senior living topic?

Knowledge is power and lead source information is crucial in optimizing the performance of both your integrated marketing strategy and your media budget allocation plan as measured in ROI.

Program Development and Optimization

Market Research Series: Staying Competitive and Optimizing Your Offering

9 Tips for Creating Landing Pages That Can Make Your Sales Take off!

The term “landing page” is widely misunderstood in today’s world of digital marketing – not to mention in the senior living industry. Worse yet, its critical role and value in the lead capture and prospect conversion process is often disregarded or marginalized… big mistake!

Your Landing Page Has as Critical Purpose

Unlike other pages in a website that you might “land on,” true landing pages exist for a very specific, purposeful business reason – to identify and engage prospects that can become your buyers. 

Creating Conversions: How Best-Practice Sales Training Improves Your Sales and Builds Census

How to Optimize Your Social Environment via Social Media to Grow Census

If you’re a growth-oriented senior living community, you should ask yourself these important questions: Am I getting maximum marketing value out of the social activities and events I offer to residents? If my community has a vibrant social environment, am I presenting it in the most effective ways to potential prospects and their adult children who are seeking lifestyle-oriented communities?

“Remarketing”: An Innovation that Keeps Your Brand Working Overtime and Your Prospects Engaged

Strategic Social Media Services

Sage Age Strategies combines 25 years of successful senior living experience with the most leading-edge social media strategies today to grow your organization. As an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, Sage Age can assist you with strategizing, engaging and sparking conversation to ensure your social media marketing efforts are strategically sound and produce measurable results.

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