3 Quick Optimization Tips to Maximize Your PPC Campaigns

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Have you ever wondered how Google and Facebook became the behemoths that they are today? Particularly since they don’t really, well, sell anything? The answer is ... drumroll, please ... ad revenue. Everything these companies provide is free to use because they make their money using the information they collect to help other companies advertise directly to you.

Why Paid Search and Paid Social Are Worth the Investment for Senior Living Communities Today

Why Your Senior Living Community Needs a Certified Google Partner Today

5 Ways “Pay-Per-Click” Ads Can Improve Your Conversions and ROI

Today, there are an increasing number of highly sophisticated marketing tools and techniques that are changing the game in senior living occupancy growth, brand building and return on investment(ROI). “Remarketing” content optimization for Page One search rankings and Google Analytics are just a few of the “smart” technologies that growth-oriented senior living communities are employing these days.

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