How Sage Age Consulting Services Help You Be Profitable in Today’s Competitive Market

Talk bubbles

In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, the character of Ray Kinsella takes a leap of faith against all odds and builds a baseball diamond based on a whispered promise: “If you build it, he will come.”His belief pays off as the ghosts of famous baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson and others come to play ball, and the movie ends with the promise of Ray’s success and happiness.

Strength in “Numbers”: Tips for Identifying and Launching Profitable Service Expansion

Malissa Illiano, MBA, Senior Consultant and Director of Market Research for Sage Age Strategies, says, “Today, senior living communities are asking many questions about the future — and rightly so. We’re seeing increased forms of competition in the marketplace, tightening margins, sweeping demographic trends and significant changes in attitudes and preferences among a new generation of purchasers of senior living services.

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