2020, Here We Come: Our Top Tips to Prepare You for the New Year

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Holy holiday season, Batman! It seems like just yesterday we were writing our hot take on Senior Living Marketing Trends for 2019, and now we’re hanging lights, pulling out our ugly holiday sweaters and gearing up for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve. It’s the time of year to look back fondly on the old year and make plans for the new, whether you’re focusing on personal goals or building your senior community’s occupancy.

5 Hot Senior Living Growth Strategies for 2018

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Incorporating Direct Mail into Your Integrated Marketing Strategy

In today’s marketing world, the opportunities and avenues for reaching your audience are vast, sometimes complicated, and often overwhelming. The growth and influence of digital marketing has especially contributed to this; every time you turn around, there’s a new way to reach your audience, whether it be through social media, new types of digital ads, blogging and content marketing, through brand influencers, with video – the list goes on!

SEO Benefits of One Site vs. Multiple Sites

Developing an SEO strategy that optimizes both your brand and community locations in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is paramount to your company’s digital marketing success. Whether your company operates three communities or 50+ communities, it’s important that you implement an SEO strategy that allows you to maximize your visibility and rankings in the SERP.

Optimize Your Traditional PR by Taking It Online

When senior living providers ask us which form of public relations is best suited to their target audience (i.e., traditional or online), we usually answer, “Yes!”

The fact is that both forms have their strengths and advantages, especially when you consider that senior living communities have multiple audiences that include older adults, their adult children and professional referral sources.

Operational Performance 2015: Why a Unified Focus Yields Better Results

The senior living industry has grown in complexity over the last decade. With regulatory changes, troubling economic conditions, and a changing consumer market, senior living providers need to be even more vigilant in ensuring each workday yields the intended results. As complexity has crept into organizations, it has brought about longer “to-do” lists. The most obvious place this is seen, is the strategic plan.   

Integrated Marketing Series: Mix Your Media Channels, but NEVER YOUR MESSAGE! (2 of 6)

Integrated Marketing Series: What is Integrated Marketing? (1 of 6)

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