The Price is Right, Part 2: Lucrative Pricing Strategies

A few months ago, we shared our thoughts on the challenges and benefits of implementing a competitive pricing strategy at your community. We all know that senior living is not a small expense, and can often be one of the priciest things an individual buys in their lifetime. It’s not just rent: it includes life enriching opportunities, health services and a lot more. While it’s fair to say that, at good communities such as yours, buyers get what they pay for, it’s still important that we, as marketers, understand the buyer’s perspective.

The Price Is Right: Competitive Pricing Strategies

In the senior living world, “sticker shock” can be a pretty profound reality for many families unaccustomed to what the average costs of living in a senior living community may be. The costs go far beyond your basic “rent” for most communities, but sometimes that’s all families expect to see when they sit down to discuss fees. As professionals in the senior living world, we’re exposed to – and understand – the realities of pricing structures, but many families are not, and it can often come as a bit of an unpleasant surprise.

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At the start of any business, things move fast and furious. It’s easy – almost inevitable – to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your organization, focusing on your customers and growing your business, and to lose sight of the reason why you do what you do. Early on, that’s a common challenge, and one that is often addressed when the business is more established, stable and has a more cohesive workflow.

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