Staying Together, Virtually: The Benefits of Connected Technology for Seniors

Senior Using Smartphone

One of the great ironies of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we’re more physically isolated than ever ... yet, for many of us, we’re more connected than we have ever been. That’s good news, says Sean Ochester, Executive Vice President of Digital & Integrated Strategy at Sage Age Strategies. “Humans are social creatures by nature, and during a crisis, we look to each other and our relationships in order to help us through,” he says.

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Yesterday's News: Keeping Up With Your Target Market and Competition

Some years ago, a popular television show called Early Edition shared the story of a man who got tomorrow’s newspaper, today. With it, he was able to save lives and make a positive difference in his community. Chances are, you know a few marketers, business professionals and entrepreneurs who wouldn’t mind being treated to an early edition once in awhile, and perhaps for less selfless desires. Staying one step ahead of the market – and the competition – is a constant struggle, no matter what business you find yourself in.

Senior Living Strategy: Is Purpose-Built Design Part of Your Future?

The expressed needs, expectations and preferences of seniors and their concerned adult children continue to change and evolve. With the aid of the Internet, social media and greater societal awareness of aging-related issues, senior living consumers have become more savvy, more discerning and more demanding. The strength and intensity of this trend will increase further as the Baby Boom generation begins to seriously influence the senior living space. Just as they’ve done in every other aspect of life, they will “change the game” in senior living as well.  

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