Does Your Sales Culture Reflect Your Organization's Core Values?

Do some research about how to grow as a company and organization, and you’re bound to come across more than a few articles on culture and company core values – probably pretty quickly! Not only is company culture a buzzy phrase these days, it also does matter, and in a pretty big way. Things like company values, mission statement, core pillars and culture are all part of the essence that makes up the soul of your organization.

Operational Performance 2015: Why a Unified Focus Yields Better Results

The senior living industry has grown in complexity over the last decade. With regulatory changes, troubling economic conditions, and a changing consumer market, senior living providers need to be even more vigilant in ensuring each workday yields the intended results. As complexity has crept into organizations, it has brought about longer “to-do” lists. The most obvious place this is seen, is the strategic plan.   

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